Wednesday, February 23, 2005


eh..some1 help me with the html command for archiving back posts..dunno y it seems not to be working for mine...not showing on the page...

just need a sample..den i agar agar know how to change it..dunno where is my back posts stored too..LOL

tml is Spirit Day & Race The Quad...nope we dun play the entire day nor do we go home earlier...sch as usual till 1.40 den events till 5.30..haha end up going home later den usual (-_-)""

at least the House polo tee is a nice colour (no offence to Mendela & Gandhi ah)....basically it is a fund rasing event...dis yr is for the Tsunami Victims....

my TAG is selling plants...and i think there still isnt enough plants to sell really (think only 9 plants currently) lame....

at least there are food and 2nd hand books for me to explore tml =P

leaving with a quote from my House :

"Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than anyone thing "
---- Abraham Lincoln

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