Monday, February 21, 2005


Just realized that i have been nose-bleeding [yup, the usual right nostril] from 4 straight weeks now..think is the heat bah..haha...too bad over here dun have Jia Jia Liang Cha ... any1 want to air freight to me?? LOL

and also during the first 2 weeks that i was here, i read Harry Potter...surprise surprise eh...since i'm not the type of fantasy reader.. the philosopher's stone was not bad..going to continue with the rest...

the college library has alot of books [recently ones too]...aiming to borrow quite a few liao...finally something that is more advanced den the rest of the country...hahaa...

BTW, my broadband STILL ISN't here yet...wah piang...-_-""

seriously, think i'm still not used to the long intervals between buses on weekends and the short opening hours of the malls..haiz...

other den that, everything is more or less alright lah...

btw, found out that Perth has a Nike Factory outlet, cool eh~~, can shop liao..muhaha..also has Converse and Brooks Factory Outlets, all located in the same mall.

going to check it out again this coming weekend. till den there is the chemistry test on friday~~

Must Study Hard [it's not all talk and no action =P]

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