Wednesday, April 27, 2005

About "Mee-Say-Dis" & "Bee-Am-Daber-U"s

i've come to this conlusion that most [realize that I used MOST & not ALL, so don't bomb me]mercedes & BMW drivers back in SG are bloody reckless.
so what if you driving expensive car? your grandfather bought you COE for the roads in SG also is it??
[i mean face it, you have to have a sizeable income to drive either brand of cars]

now this is not groundless accusation,

TWICE now, my aunt & young cousin were nearly knocked down by a mercedes at a pedestrian crossing near my place [back in SG of course],fully expecting the driver to stop at the crossing, my aunt started to cross the road, that damn car just zoomed past her without stopping.


when she recalled the events later back home, I seriously almost swore "CB" [forbidden at home, haha, as with all other Vulgarities.duh] in front of her.

and then I asked her "so you screamed at the driver?"

She: "nope, was too shocked to do anything, just stood there for like 5 seconds"

Me: "o..."

which was very likeable, who wouldn't be shocked and scared speechless at this type of incident?my aunt was probably more worried whether my cousin was injured or somethingbut seriously, thank god she was that bit late in crossing the road.

now to the "Bee-Am-Daber-U"s

personally, I've also almost been knocked down by one before, same scenerio. Lucky me, I was that 1 second late too.

ever since the 2 incidents, I have grown to start looking out for "trouble-maker" cars, i.e cars that don't give way to pedestrians when suppose to, turn damn bloody fast at corners, pppoo-ing other vehicles]

sounds stupid, but there is a common similarity. most of the time, they are mercs & BMWs.
I will go "Ha.See? Mercs or BMs right????" "8 out of 10 times 1 lah"

I rest my case.

I agree!

Cant blame those freaks really. To (most) of them, got big cars = got big balls.
uh... sometimes i think it's the ah-beng-chia, with the illegally modified parts, and loud techno music that drive the most recklessly... red/gold honda insignia or mazda3 or those evo's are the usualy suspects for me...
jordan: ya loh

spyda: really time must take note
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