Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bus 510

moral of the story is....

not to sit at the back of a public bus in perth.

twice i ended up sitting behind a family troop of aboriginals whom supports the local government campaign to conserve water; simply put . not bathing.

and myself, a firm believer to bathe before going anywhere, had to suffer the stench emitted by them.


and apparently on the bus today, 1 of the kids was talking something abt me, pointed at me for some reason. didnt hear wat was said as i had my earphones on.

bloody hell, lucky thing i had the earphones on, if i heard it, i'm sure i will say something that will result in a decision i will regret.

to myself : "Think, you are here to study. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil"


That's why I prefer living in a country where i'm not a minority.
I had a similar experience on the bus once. I had to resort to breathing through my mouth when the stench became unbearable.
wah piang..breathe thru the mouth.lagi more bacteria.

but point taken.

btw FF, how about a game of minesweeper?
oh. i definitely know what you mean.
both about stenches from ppl who choose to conserve water, AND stuff that the non-minority say about you to your face!
ignore. ignore them. they've got such low self esteem that they have to resort to making themselves feel better by putting a total stranger down. bloody hell. small dicks and big cheebais. :) such ppl are not worth our attention/responses.
spyda: how true :)

i will tahan~!! lol
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