Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Day Of Rest

finally, rest at home after moving ard for the past 4 feels good to have nothing on the agenda and staying at home to rot...well..not really nothing on the agenda...

have to start on the revison liao...just realized last night that the mid year exams is in another 6 weeks.and when the term 2 starts, there will be another load full of quizzes...such is schooling life.

woke up today at 10.30am, the latest yet.i think. had breakfast,did some laundry, fixed up my lava lamp, revised chemistry, had lunch and now blogging. feelin' restless liao...hmm...maybe i will head out again tml..see how

i cant imagine myself rotting at home doing nothing everyday..wah piangz...that is so mono...i just have to be doing something. once in awhile is ok lah.

my lava lamp is looking good...wonder how it looks tonight...hee hee...

thinking if i should sign up with the Refuge Home...hmm...

waiting for 12 midnight...den can start d/ling my "eTs" & mp'sans'....
kaoz...quick quick off peak starts now now!!!

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