Friday, April 08, 2005

the day where everyone...

leaves for in the "far away" home....hai ya...

I miss (no order of preference ah.....)

1. Kopitiam Kopi [the REAL STUFF; beans and everything]
2. Pig Organ Soup [stomach,liver,kidney,intestines,salted veggies and the works...]
3. late night EPL [strictly Man Utd only] matches with booze
4. hanging out with Phil at S11 kopitiam [plus the crazy antics @ the stadium..haha]
5. Gene & his "recorder" of a voice [always complaining abt pussy & pussified...haa ;P]
6. the Hydro gang & the bitching sessions @ esplanade [where i listen more den bitch actually,haha..they dun call me "stoner" for nuts, ok~]
7. steamboat @ marina south
8. KTV @ Kbox [beng, next time go ktv u paying for me ah, hee hee]
9. Feli's companionship [=)]
10. the rest of the Animal Farm..haha...
11. my comfy bed and bolster [with my smell on it it doesnt stink shit]
12. SCV TV [ARGH; really prefer chinese to english drama]
13. 'Fian's companionship tooo [plus the swearing....tell me who dont fuckin' swear???]
14. Jus & the la kopi sessions

feel better after typing all those...siao liao lah....


as i breathe i still can faintly inhale that damn Formalin used on the fetal pig for preservation purposes....damn shitty...can bloody damage the brain...not as if i'm smart enough to allow more damage....hands not reaking of it though...have to wash the labcoat tml...kena stained with fetal stomach juices and more Formalin...forgot the digicam again...oh well..there is still the last week of prac when sch re-opens...

i'm not one for patriotism, but the Thai students with their song session in celebration of their national day today during end of term assembly nearly brough tears to my eyes. It is a common known fact that King Bhumibol Adulyadej is a very well-loved & respected monarch in Thailand, the longest reigning monarch in the world [currently over half a century of rule].

Perhaps this photograph above all others signifies how the Thai people see their King.

Really like The King's Song ; composed by His Majesty.


Start of the holidays tomorrow....counting down the days to 30th June~~~

wah. i miss pig-organ soup too! and chai tow kway! and S11! and hmm. with all the dissections and cutting ups you need to do, it's a wonder how you can still eat! :)

ah. enjoy your break!
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