Thursday, April 07, 2005

Freakin' Suay-ness

haven been blogging for the past few days, didnt mentioned abt the last weekend trip to Subiaco either, haha...cuz i was too bothered by the weather den [as u can see from the previous posts].

bunch of us, went to Subiaco last saturday and it turned out to be some sort of a mini Freo, streets of cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques [another nike factory outlet =P]

we heard abt the "Famed" Chocoby Road; a shop that sold good chocolate, expensive too, but said to be very good...i still dunno, cuz i didnt eat any, too expensive for my taste..hahaa

had lunch at a restaurant, some Barramundi [a type of fish; think wrong spelling] with noodles [we thought it was grilled, but it turned out to be afew pieces of fish, sliced] and my 1st glass of white wine..haha..Brown Brother's...good stuff [to me ah] ....

didnt get anything that day except a heater at Garbo's, haha...damn cold lah..buay the weather is ok liao though...weird....

ok..back to the topic...

Suayness List:

1. lost my jumper [that's $70 buckaroos + extra time to get a new 1, mind you].
2. kena scratched by a sickening ang mo [in between the fingers, with the flap of dermis still hanging in there].
3. kena stomach cramps
4. forgot to bring books for periods in sch
5. lost "Mo" to study for tests [think is the syndrome, no that's not an excuse & on top of that the freakin' coldness during the last weekend]

that's what happened within these 3 days. kaoz...not alot but just enough to make me frustrated. especially the thought of spending another $70 on a "will-not-keep-me-warm-enough" woollen jumper. makes me totally sick in the stomach.

luckily, the "Mo" is back, going to get it movin' liao. been sitting on my bum the past few days, doing nothing much except the necessary hws and watching serials & abit of local TV [would you believe it?] and also sleeping damn early.

today, experienced haze in the morning, was sort of thick, sort of you cant see further than the next HDB block, that type...

strange that the site forecasted a warm day....shessh...

these days my biological clock wakes me up at 6.35am exactly, dun ask me why, i'm not sure myself why it's 6.35am and not 6.30 or 6.40. It's just 6.35am. (-_-")

finally, got the damn student card after 8 weeks in sch, got it last week...unbelieveable stuff, the damn government takes 2 months to get it done....
thats not all,

my healthcare card finally arrived after 10 freakin' weeks of sch, that 1 lagi better, i applied for it since last oct [i think], cuz it was together with the sch enrolment papers. have some friends, till dis VERY day, STILL haven gotten it....

thats aussie "efficiency" for you. *rolleyes*

tml is the last day of sch for term 1, den it's 2 weeks of holiday. sian, see others go back, whereas i'm stuck here...well make the best out of the situation...

hope to get certain things done. be productive and revise work.

term 1 was not good enough. got lots of things to go through again.


changed blog skin yet again, thought that simplicity is still the best lah =)

will be updating my photo album later tonight, so stay tuned ah...

and finally the comments section after every post is available, previously dunno why the custom skins couldnt add that section. weird.

added a media player too. hope it is not too irritating..can feedback though..haha..

feedback anything, guys and gals~~


peeps back in sg,

if u want me to look out for anything while i'm here, now is a good time with the holidays coming up, just leave a msg in the comments section, i will do my best ~ =)


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