Tuesday, April 26, 2005

High Oredi Lo...

i wonder...
wat will happen if i get drunk, get "high"? blabber nonsense? spouting rubbish?
now isnt that the same thing. lol.
getting "high" already just thinking about it.
never been drunk before, seriously contemplating trying to get a hangover.

was watching 1 episode of 蔷薇之恋, the 2 leading actors were getting drunk on hard liquor [nothing kinky here ah!]

& suddenly my thoughts drifted to SG, think of the people that I would meet up with and drink in another [look at the counter on the right] days.

with the gals it would be stuff like barcadi breezers & vodka lime or the various other liquor mixed eh..solution? you find in 7-11/Cheers[pai sei AT, will get you good stuff from DFS :)]

with the guys it would be stuff like a 6-pack of Baron's

personally i prefer beer 'cause it's cheaper by the half dozens & more lethal.hahaaa.
nevermind this time can get some liquor from DFS en route home. [just remembered, I have a bottle of Absolut Vanilla back in SG. hey hey]

shit...[should I say yeast instead?] this blog is fast fermenting into a Saccharomyces hotspot.

Being drunk is no fun.

I'm a beer person myself. The only hard liquor I'll take is vodka and only in mixers.
hey, I like 蔷薇之恋. You're right about your blog fermenting... I can even smell the brew.
Trust me, you wont like the feeling of being drunk. So dont. It's not any fun at all. :)

Why kA cHuAz btw?
it's been a long time since i touched alcohol..
jordan: shall dedicate a post on my nick.haha. stay tuned~

ff & jordan: hmm..i'll think twice~*grin*
How about trying to type a blog entry while you're drunk?

Anyway ka chuaz means cockroach, right? You like cockroaches?!
jayaxe:haha..will try.not bad idea.

eh..i dont like insects actually.
haha. get back to the origin in another post. stay tuned too~~
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