Saturday, April 23, 2005

- OH

kind of having a mental block...something stuck in my head...
guess is because i haven been moving around much the past few days;
serious case of degradation

suddenly feel like drinking some booze..yup...
well..Australia has got quite a few local brews, including; Foster's Lager, Carlton Cold, Carlton Draught, Sterling, Emu Bitter, Victoria Bitter, Cascade Lager & lots more

Crown Lager; my current favourite beer of the lot [together with Baron's & Kilkenny] which i tried [not the above list ah, those are the beer brewed in Australia]

the Crown

[previously tried Anchor, Corona Light, Heinekien, Carlsberg, Tiger(blue & classic), Hooegarden, Foster's, Kilkenny, Stella Artois, San Miguel, Asahi Extra Dry, Baron's, Becks]

stumbled on Crown Lager during 1 of my [at that period in time] daily late night outings with a long-time buddy & another friend; was after a game of pool and feeling thirsty, hence headed to a Cheers outlet at the MRT station [figure out for yourself how many MRTs in SG has a Cheers outlet just]

saw this "new" beer that was on promo, never heard of before, $2.95, few cents cheaper than Baron's, which was the only beer that i drink consistantly, so just tried it.

found it very smooth and not so full of gas, a more wholesome taste and additional factor was it being cheap.

now in Australia, of course I will go for the local brew what, as 1 of my poly lecturers said during 1 of the lectures:

"Which beer do you drink when you are in SG? of course, Tiger Beer lah! The taste is supposingly the best when you drink it straight after brewing and not after canning and shipping it to other parts of the world."

"Likewise while in other countries, always go for the local brews, 'cause that's when the beer is the freshest. Don't be an idiot and drink Tiger when you are in Italy or something"

that was 1 of the very few lectures that I was fully attentive..haha..for that particular lecturer that is.

heeding his advice [kaoz....did I mention it was a "him"...shit] I stuck to Crown Lager while here...will try the other local brews sometime later....

grabbing a bottle [maybe 2] now...

like wat locals always say, "cheers mates~"

i havent tried any local beer yet!! heard its cheaper than water... yesterday had happy hour in uni.. but i passed the opportunity for free beer cuz i hate the gas la!!
wah beer..
bo jio..haha..
carlton cold's my fav currently. cuz it's light, so i can down maybe 2-3 bottles and still be able to drive! plus it's cheap too! about $2 a bottle! :D

love those bottle shops!
spyda: u say "still" drive, as in not over the %limit?? :P

wah..$2..think i will try..haha..Cascade too..i heard it's the best?
i think the rule of thumb for girls is 2 mugs to be just under the limit. it helps if you've had some food before/with the drinks too.

tell me if your like carlton cold's!!!
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