Wednesday, April 20, 2005


nope not Wang Li Hong's 不可思议

m referring to dear good old Aussie Land....

i just purchased a box of lemon flu drink for $13 at a city pharmacy and it turned out to be expired. 6months ago that is.

really WTF!!!!
whats wrong with the country man!!!

how can you bloody hell sell expired medical products??? don't you know ppl can die...
damn fucked up sia. totally.

don't stock check 1 meh? oh ya i forgot, Aussie Land; "where taking our own sweet time is the motto".

and they are really following the damn motto right down to the last letter.

Fuck. Absolutely disgusting.

ok,do take good care of yourself k?

If possible, do post some scenery , animals photos..

Sue lah! Aussies like to sue people wan.
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ron: yup i will, kinda too lazy to put pics up leh, very ma

ff: haha, too drowsy to sue, refund me can liao
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