Friday, April 15, 2005

You know you are blending....

into aussie when

1. you contemplate bare feet or shoes when heading out
2. you start drinking alot of Master's / Brownes' Choco chill/coffee chill/mocha chill
3. you start conversation with a "hi, how are you today?"
4. you say "no worries" instead of "you're welcome"
5. you say "see ya" or "cheers" instead of "good bye / bye"
6. you stuff ur just bought items into ur bag instead of waiting for a carrier to be given
7. you start sleeping at 9 to 10pm everyday, or earlier (unbelieveable stuff)
8. you start to not mind the long intervals between bus rides, be it sitting there & stone or read
9. you buy things only to return it soon after for a refund, cuz you didnt like it anymore
10. you start eating "Subway" as a form of staple diet
11. you actually enjoy the sun scorching your skin, burning it pink & feeling proud of it (siao lan, kena skin cancer later den you know...*touch wood*)
12. you don't put sunblock
13. you thank the bus driver upon alighting at your stop

will add on when i think of more....

been slacking at home for 2 days, so today got out to run some errands and got some thermal wear, just in case winter buey tahan.

tml i wonder if i should get out...hmm...see how ah...

seems that alot has been happening in Sg while i was away..piangz..
u gals take care ah..

Embassy Tourney starts tml night, Stephen Hendry is going to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan..i can feel it in my bones. hee hee....

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