Friday, May 27, 2005

about humanity...

totally crap lah. who cares about it, man? think one would be worried how to feed themselves than to feed the developing countries, aid in emergencies, economical reform, social security and welfare shit. save yourself before others LAH.
the international red cross organization was the theme for my english paper today. damn boring, imagine 1 summary, 1 synthetic essay, 1 reading comprehension plus 1 essay on it -_-". lucky thing i didnt eat lunch before sitting for the paper. if not i might have just fell asleep writing it halfway.
on a personal note, I'm not the sort to do volunteer work.
Not so free ah. jia pa bo sai bang meh?
If i want to save someone, let that someone be myself.
Ironically thou, I have to admire those who selflessly help others. thought sometimes I feel that they are dumb. Well...guess not everyone is soooo sell-fish like mua truly.

Dun worry ar...U're not the only one. I dun like to do voluntary work either ar...ask me go sell flags and way man!

Ask me go other country build toilet or watever even worse ar! If ask me go build toilet means no toilet rite? Den how the hell can I go toilet. No way am I going to those "dig-a-hole-in-the-ground-toilets" man!

NKF ask pple donate u put someone else's life at risk! Damn STUPID!

Not that I dun like to help...but I rather just give money!

I'm not in nor against for this kinda thing either. I think the most I've done is donate money to those charity organisations.
Human are selfish and so am I. Sometimes I think like you too. Want to save somebody, let it be yourself first.
Zhi seng nan bao.. still want to save others.. lol..

Well, let the compassionate people save the day and I shall sit back and nibble on the baits!
That's why there's the Red Cross there. For heroes to join one.
I wish I could volunteer but too lazy. :) There are other ways to help out and be charitable.
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