Sunday, May 08, 2005

arlow arlow

last night, for the 1st time I discovered the delights of free international dialing...none other then the MSN AUdio
chey right? super s-l-o-w eh. think on the better side mah, better late then never.

chatted to 2 friends from 12 to 5. damn shiok. 1 was commenting that even face to face back in SG also dun crap so much.haha.guess there wasnt the build up of events back then lah. hate the lagging part, I kept on hearing my own voice after speaking.and it sounds oh so weird ??? doesn't sounds the manner that I presume to be??

first time sleeping so damn late over here. ha. 1 of the many first's, definately not the last.

wow! is it? i didn't know!
only MSN got ah?
need ear piece and mic right?

haha... i'm even s-l-o-w-e-r...
eh not sure about yahoo.

there is this other website too. forgot the adress.haha.

speakers will also do, but you need a mic.

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