Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cashiers aren't a brainy bunch

In a space of 2 days, I experienced 3 cash-register "floppers".

Earned 1 free burger, got under-charged moisturizer and over-charged on 2 bags of supreme cheeze Doritos'

Last friday,

Paid the cafeteria lady $5 for a burger which cost $3.50,
However, she punched $10 on the till and I got back $6.50 in change. Power.
Hence, 1 free burger & $1.50 in addition for me queuing up for the burger???


Bought a bottle of moisturizer, a supposing bonus pack, free 250ml, sale price at $12.95. Initially wanted to pay using efthpos [equivalent of NETS in SG], she told me “sorry, you have to buy a minimum of $10”

Now wait a minute…I thought that the moisturizer was $12.95? Cause I didn’t have enough cash, borrowed money from a friend, paid and left. Hence, I was under-charged $7. which is = to increase in savings by $7.

At the supermarket, bought 2 packs of nachos, paid and left the place. [Should have checked the receipt, but I didn’t]. Reach home and realized I kena charged for additional 2 MORE packs of nachos. Damn duh. Hence, I was over-charged $5, now which is = to decrease in savings by $7.

Wasted. Should have saved $7, instead end up save $2 only. Blardy hell.

Anyway, will be hoping to be served by many more “reckless” cashiers. But this time, I will check my receipt. Can under-charge but not over-charge.

Moral of the story,

Cashiers here can’t multi-task for nuts. Get distracted and they end up making boo boos.

By the way, the tandoori chicken burger tasted weird [beet-root coloured sauce??], wacked it down anyway. It’s free after all, isn’t it?

Tsk tsk tsk... dishonest bugger!

But I agree, can under-charge but cannot over-charge. Haha!

What are you studying over there btw?
of cuz lah. kiasu attitude mah. grew up in that

taking foundation studies at college, applying for uni next yr.

haha, me too... i agree with undercharge but not overcharge... so terrible...
Cool! All the best in your studies then.

Me? I'm an old uncle liao. Trading for a living. I risk losing every single penny that I own every single day. :)
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