Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Dog's Life Indeed

everyday just...


lick lips

and enjoy life

*by the way, they are 3 different dogs, namely cowboy [not that cowboy], shawn and sammi.
and yes, shawn is indeed wearing a diaper for those sharp eyes.

Ni hao! I love your blog name! And although I prefer cats, your dogs look very very huggable!
Yes, animals just seem to enjoy life, don't they?
Can't wait till tmr!

I mean, later on this morning.
AKK: thanks mate~!

jayaxe: shiok hor

pat: yeah, we's going to the zoo,zoo,zoo. how about you,you,you~
Diaper?! Haha! That bad huh?

Are all those yours or what?
jordan: they belong to the peeps i staying with. haha.

that poor dog urinates way too often, leaving alot of puddles in the house, hence wear diapers loh. lol
there's this book that I'm planning to buy titled "A dog's life" by peter mayle. this entry just reminds me of that book. :)
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