Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Good Mornin' W.A

en route to school this morning, heard the following conversation between 2 radio DJs

DJ 1 : "yesterday in los angelas, a highway speed chase occurred somewhere late into the night, the LAPD police officer managed to stop the runaway car after firing 96 rounds on it, the driver died from 4 fatal gunshot wounds"

DJ 2 : "seems that the number of police shoot outs are occurring quite frequently this days, I remembered that a month ago, there was this other incident where a LAPD police officer shot at this fella on the walkway whom was eating a pear. Officer claimed that he saw the man eating a grenade? Man died from the shot."

DJ 1 : [sarcastically] "that pear must have tasted damn deliciously explosive"

shessh...after that, I didn’t know to frown or laugh at the joke ??
By the way, W.A’s radio stations actually have people calling in to warn other drivers of speed cameras’ locations. LOL.

Yes, the Aussies are very road friendly, they high beam from the opposite direction to tell us there's a speed cam ahead!
thought the malaysians does it too

the surprising thing is that they actually announce it on radios bah.
I can testify to shootouts in LA. It's that crazy. Re: pear, that's a lame joke.

heard the LA is a messy state.

a very very lame joke. ha
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