Monday, May 16, 2005

I Thought It Happened Again..

This morning I stepped into the shower, tried to switched on the lights and ventilator..but the switches didnt work.. oh nevermind...

Stepped into the kitchen, wanted to get my breaky...realized the kettle was not working...oh coffee this morning...

Stepped into the school, there was no light [no, we didnt use torchlight, deviate abit here ah, suddenly remembered that song in NPCC that we used to sing, "There was 1 night, there was no light, so we use torchlight..." ah...sweet memories of sec sch], back to the post, the corridors had mini lights on...oh nevermind...still can see, not that blind...

At that point in time, I thought that it might be just another 1 of those power cuts in the area...which is not that uncommon over here....

Stepping into class, 1 of my classmates told me,
"Hey, you know what happened last night to Ms. X ? She had her roof blown off last night."
[not stating any names, 'cause I'm not that familiar to these people]

At that point in time, the caffeine-deprived me suddenly sober up and laughed damn loudly [ya lah, I know very bad, but visualizing a roof getting blown off a other-wise completely solid house is rather amusing]

Later today I realized what happened...

It seems that a Tornado struck South-West of W.A, alot of damages overnight on the south western shorelines,properties lost, the highway linking the southern suburbs to Perth City is apparently closed, 'cause there is a construction crane there, that is on the verge of toppling over.

Humming 龙卷风 - 周杰伦 now....

Woah, I didn't know tornadoes hit Australia! Wait a minute, the news said the storm was "reminiscent of a tornado", so technically not a tornado.

Incidentally, Harlem Yu sang the song "海啸". Seems like there's quite a few Chinese songs on disasters.
i saw it on the news! gosh! so happening ah, WA. and you thought it was a sleepy and boring li'l place! haha... yeah this kinda action doesn't count.
Haha. Don't mind I link this up kkays?

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Roof blown off? Power man! And I thought the tremours felt in Singapore were bad. Haha.
Didn't know Perth is vulnerable to natural disasters too?
jayaxe : quite large scale leh~

spyda: still very much a boring place..haha

Pat: sure go ahead and link, tell u tml ah

jordan: yup. clean sweep of the roofs.lolz.

anna: apparantly Perth is. only the shorelines bah..thats where the damage is greater.
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