Monday, May 02, 2005

I watch out for other people's arses, who looks out for mine?

Fucked up.

Life's like that. So from now on when you do that, you must also cover your own arse.
you watch out for your own... that's the way it goes...
wad u toking abt?
LL & anna: i know wat u guys mean, just that it sucks, having to look out for myself all the time. while others take help for granted, as if i owe them.

i don't owe outsiders no shit, everything i do is out of my own willingness.

Serene: the ugly side of human
well, i'm sure it wouldn't hurt if you stop looking out for them for awhile. they also need to learn to look out for themselves, wat!

i'm just selfish myself sometimes too...
Well, I dont know what happened but I can safely tell you this. In this world, either you watch your own behind or you'll get screwed.

Believe me. Just watch out.
jordan: precisely. screw or be screwed. haa..

spyda: i'm selfish too. ha. who isn't
yeah. i agree.
you can't be too sure that someone will look after yours even though you watched theirs.

cruel as it is, it's every man for himself. you can't be too dependable on others. they are also humans.
I'm not one whom is dependent on others, just that at times i cant bear to leave others in a lurch.

If I can help in anyway I feel bound to do so.

And that others think its for sure that I help.
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