Sunday, May 15, 2005

i wonder..

if my housemates think i'm nuts..

'cause i'm either talking [it seems] or singing to myself behind my closed doors these days.
put on my cheapo $9 headphones from Kmart and blasting the mp"sans"
singing to myself, sometimes through the night.

god, I'm missing Kbox in SG

Kbox? Me just went few days back. Waaahaaa!
wah sei...good lah..
rub it in
I was forced to get the kbox discount card. IT WAS A WHOPPING 5DOLLARS. EXTORTION esp. when I've been there only 3-4times in the past 1 year. o.O
$5 ok ah...i also got membership..3 or 4 times 1 year is quite alot leh

think last year i go ktv ard 8 times...
just 45 more days. bear with it! sing in the bathroom for the time being.
What about Australian Idol Karaoke Machine? Can get it here what? ;-)
lisa: the selection here good? kinda skeptical leh. if have also very ex??
Yeah, I think it's quite ex. Put it on my wishlist one year but nobody wants to buy that for me. Not sure bout the selection though. Sigh.
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