Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ka chuaz: the origin

here's the scoop

the nick originated back in '99 on a field-trip to Beijing. The trip was that of a combined effort by the cluster "zone" that my secondary school was in.

on one of the days, we arrived at an indoor shooting range; it's those type of range where you move around to shoot targets, not those singular circular targets with radius. heehee.there were prizes for the top 5 shooters

cut the story short, i came in second and the "prize" was a plastic know..the flying type..insect..
we had dinner at this chinese restaurant, so after dinner I went to disturb this new found friend of mine, we shall call her Cauliflower, 'cause her actual name sounds kinda like it.
earlier that year, we had a talk regarding some sort of "activities" which can result in some diseases and that 1 of those was nicknamed "cauliflower" know..initials are "G.W"

had a good time making fun of her name, before she found out what was the actual meaning of "Cauliflower", courtesy of 1 of my school mates [damn dumbo sia, tell her for what]

Me: *puts the plastic housefly on her shoulders*

Cauliflower: * stupid ka zhua, why you put that ka zhua on me !!*

Me *Wah lau, you blind ah, that's a housefly lah, not ka zhua*

Cauliflower: *Don't care lah, you stupid ka zhua*

after that faithful dinner, she started to call me "Ka Zhua" every single time she sees me. Soon it spread to my school, then my closer classmates started calling me that too.

The nick survived through till this day, thou I'm no longer in contact with Cauliflower since the field trip [back then we didn't have MSN messenger yet mah]
Since then, I refined it to "Kachuaz"

P.S: at least it was ka zhua, can you imagine "hor xin" as in housefly in hokkien. kao. super "DUH" then. I shall consider myself lucky. lol.

Horsefly? Or housefly?

And long kang leh? You like drains?
There were people calling me chatterbox when I was p4.
No prize for guessing why!
jayaxe: haha.typo.should be housefly.kachuaz reside in drains mah. hence, long kang loh.

perth is sort of like drain also.haha.

pat: we all know why. lolz.
So you were nearly "hor xinz @ de hawker centre table"
Aha! I've always wondered why that name. Now I know. Heh.

Actually I think hor xin sounds better though. Rain God mah.
Actually, I always thought that it was cockroach. To be exact, it's cockroach in the drain, isn't it? Thus, I didn't think a girl would use such a name. Haha, you got me fooled about your sex identity.
LL: haha..i personally prefer kachua to hor xin. hor xin sounds yucky leh. like hor fun? lol

jordan: haha..didnt think of rain god leh. aiya. long time nick liao. happy "scurrying" in drains lah. =)

anna: righto, cockroach in the drain ah~~ lol. i guess even my posts doesnt give away the fact i'm a za bor ah.

bo pian, i guess i got mentality of a ta bor bah. lolz.

eh..sexual orientation is still towards ta bor thou. haha. just in case, you were wondering.

haha you had me fooled for awhile too! somehow you write like a ta bor! and i didn't think any za bor would call herself ka chua! we used to call one of my classmates that, cuz she was seriously hysterical whenever she thought there was one lurking around. funnily enough, she was also from npcc. haha.
spyda: cant help it ah, 'cuz i guess i have a mentality of a guy???

bo pian, blog also like that bah.

haha. think my nick origin is better ah. =P
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