Friday, May 13, 2005

me, mua, moi, whichever....

got this from Pat....yet another bo liao day...

[1] bread or toast: as long as it's roti. boleh boleh
[2] fruit or veggies: durians & french beans
[3] lays or pringles: lays' salt & vinegar
[4] waffles or pancakes: i'm into carbo stuff
[5] coke or pepsi: baron's
[6] vanilla or chocolate: not into sweet stuff
[7] soft serve or original: dun eat ice cream
[8] plain or pepperoni: pepperoni
[9] cake or ice cream: "solid" food please
[10] chicken or steak: i love meat

[11] t-shirts or long sleeve: tees
[12] shorts or pants: wat happened to jeans?
[13] watch or bracelets: watch, the only accessory
[14] flip-flops or shoes: both, depends on mood
[15] tall or low socks: cheapo ankle socks

[16] tall or short: tall
[17] short or long hair: short
[18] gangster or skater: kan tangs, please
[19] funny or serious: sporty & nerdy at the same time
[20] sensitive or wild: both
[21] deep or soft voice: as long as it's not high pitched and whiny
[22] braces or not: braces are not permanent fixtures

[23] taking back sunday or fall out boy: wtf
[24] my chemical romance or billy talent: wtf
[25] story of the year or the starting line: wtf yet again
[26] 50 cent or T.I: neither
[27] Jay-z or Nelly: nelly
[28] Missy or Mary J: both sucks
[29] punk or rap: r&b, still black music right
[30] comedy or horror: can't watch horror for nuts
[31] adam sandler or jim carrey: not into comedians
[32] friends or will & grace: will & grace, believe it or not, i have yet to watch a single "Friends" episode
[33] mtv or vh1: not into music television
[34] real world or road rules: wtf wtf
[35] abc or cbs: cbs for the amazing race
[36] cartoon or reality: reality, i'm a relistic person, remember?
[37] nickelodeon or cartoon network: teenage mutant ninja turtle, i like all 4 of them
[38] lord of the rings or harry potter: dragonheart
[39] snow white or beauty & the beast: Beauty and the Beast
[40] old movies or new ones: always liked the Godfather series & Casino

[41] dubble bubble or bubblicious: no bubble
[42] left or right: right
[43] red or pink: red
[44] yellow or green: blue
[45] MSN or AIM: MSN
[46] pencils or pens: pens
[47] dogs or cats: dogs
[48] house or apartment: apartment
[49] single or taken: single
[50] morning or night: morning

if you managed to get this far, we found worms burrowing in the supply of choc in the pantry just now, weather so cool, dunno where the worms come from....weird...

I didn't know you're so humorous LoR!
I've watched DragonHeart 3times. NiceNice!
Harry Potter also nice what. o.O
Hmmmm. Seeyou in school tmr!
eeks! worms??? eating your chocolate?
go and spray-spray your place with baygon!
alot of things u peeps in aussie dun know about me. lolz. i am a person whose full of shit/crap actually. and i booze !!


eh..not sure if they eating the chocos, throw away liao ah. still keep and spray baygon?

hee hee..
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