Tuesday, May 10, 2005

of paranoia

was having a class on infectious diseases today, and i was reminded of the time during my course of study back in SG.

after 3 yrs of exposure to laboratory work, it's hard not to be paranoid over airborne germs; bacteria, yeast, fungus and all others. there is a tendancy to visualize movement of organisms everytime. Occupational paranoia, you can call it.

for example,

if i see someone sneezing just infront of me, i can almost visualise the particles travelling through the air and then landing on myself. closing your mouth at the point of sneezing is not good enough actually, the particles would have already flown over to the end of the room, even before your reflex to close the mouth. Hence, it really isn't that necessary to close your mouth when sneezing. It doesnt help really. Manners yup, other than that it's really useless. lol.

after this particular prac on microbiology [back in SG; where we actually tested chicken rice for bacteria], we spread the grinded chicken rice over culture dishes and left them to incubate overnight.

results: we actually had colonies growing the culture, bits of them, not those full colonies.
conclusion: there are bacteria on chicken rice from FC2. haha.

basically lah, its hard to be totally rid of bacteria. they are everywhere.

happy breathing bacteria. cheers.

I've watched this documentry just few weeks back bout bacteria on our hands.
It seems that we have to wash our hands with soap for a certain period of time ie. the length of happybirthday to you song.. And... guess what?

haha..its not possible to remove all bacteria from the body. by removing them, its sort of removing ur body's protection from other bacterias and microorganisms as well.
I remember once a surgeon said that the hands must be washed like tens of times just to make sure it's 99% clean. Can almost never guarantee 100% though.
If someone were to sneeze near me, my immediate instinct is to dodge. Based on your reasoning, it prob doesn't help to escape the germs.
but ain't it wonderful that despite these bacteria secretly hiding on us, or in our fave foods, we're still more or less healthy most of the time? great to have a constantly evolving immune system! :D
sumtimes it's not about paranoia. it's about hygiene lo. but i guess u are much more paranoid than me, if you read this:
last entry. haha.
jayaxe: yup it is impossible to totally remove 'em

anna: it doesnt really. lol.

spyda: some of them bacteria are actually essential for mantaining proper bodily functioning. hee hee

xiaobudianz: i'm a very paranoid person in general. haha. think too much lah.
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