Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pass the Musical Baa-tonn~

Kena arrow-ed by king crap-ness, JordanGoh, to pass on the Musical Baa-tonn

Total volume of music files on my computer :
2.89GB – 749 Songs, used to have a lot more until my previous PC crashed. Damn sadded.

The last CD I bought was :
I seriously can’t remember. Maybe it was the “Love Won’t Wait” CD single by Gary Barlow, back in ‘01.

Song playing right now :
林志颖 - 快乐之上

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me :
1. 林俊杰 - 让我心动的人
2. 周华建 - 上上签
3. 周杰伦 - 暗号
4. 苏有朋 - 背包
5. 关德辉 - 爱到灰心

Can easily name more than 5. Just listed those I thought off-hand.
I’m more inclined to listen to Chinese songs ah.

Six people to whom I’m passing the baa-tonn :

4.Wacky Gurl

Anna & Spyda thought otherwise of me. haha. I don’t think they are the only ones bah.

Who else? Own up!

Guess I blog like a guy too?
Piangz. I admit thou that I am not that za bor-ish in real life. LOL

Hi! :)
heyz, milk tea~ welcum welcum

coincidently, i like to drink milk tea.haha
yes, you do blog like a guy ... I should try blogging that way too.
Not for me. I knew all along you belong to the female species. :)
I can vouch for MISS kachuaz... SHE IS A LADY!!!!
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