Saturday, May 14, 2005

piss-y post

I get pissed when either of the following occurs:

I don't get enough food
I don't get enough sleep
People turns up late for appointments [something called an "alarm clock" & handphone ??]
People last mins cancel appointments or last mins changes to plans [make up your bloody mind]
People insist on things I never did [wats your fuckin' problem]
People always insisting they are always right [No one is god, and no, I'm not christian]
People yakking non-stop around me [applicable in class]
People interupting me when I'm god damn talking [wait for your turn, and no, you are not smarty pants]
People cutting my queue [applicable in SG]
People asking me questions when I happily focused on my work [shuddup!! i'm concentrating, fuck off]
People have no sense of appreciation [where are the "pleases" & "thank yous"??]
People interupting my sleep [my handphone loves to ring while I'm napping, and its always when i forget to switch to "silent" mode]

Listening to "Eminem - People Say" [and it sure doesn't help]

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