Sunday, May 22, 2005

So Brain-Dead

damn. i'm feeling so brain-dead. restless for the entire day.
MYEs starts on Thursday. Feeling brain dead now. Not a good sign.

And the food I am stuffing myself with...Cadbury's new Crunchie Family Bar [I cleared half a family block in 2 days, wah lau eh. And I'm the sort not to eat sweet stuff 1.], countless cuppa self-brewed Nescafe Gold.

Seriously, WAH LAU LEH.

I need to get out of here.

Must be the stress.

Another 39days. Hanging by a loop now.

Another 39 days, I suppose is end of exams, right? Good luck.
wow at least you have 38 days (now) left til you get your ass back to warm sunny singas! MYE's will pass in a flash. my review's this saturday, so i'm freaking out in a major kinda way too. somehow nothing's going into my head, nor coming out! haha. i SO empathise with you!
jayaxe: 38 days till i get my sorry ass back to SG actually. haha.

spyda: right on!
yes, stress makes people crave for sweets. -milktea
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