Sunday, July 10, 2005

"auntie, kopi please"

tell me is it so that damn hard to find a decent la kopi partner?

fuck. really.

blardy hell. so blardy buey onz.

If you're talking about a kopi partner in the middle of the night, then I think it's really hard to find!
Why so angry? Sometimes cannot find then no choice lor.
relac...sometimes u get, sometimes u dun. although i understand your frustration since u want to make full use of ur tme here in s'pore.
sis! me and yihui not ur kopi partner meh???? we so sad lor read ur can u forget us...
i would be your kopi partnetr lah but we not in same buildling
jayaxe: haha. yup. in the middle of the night it is

meow: i'm an angry person. LOL.

AKK: how true, live and let live eh

AT: never forget u gals

powerpuff: eh..different building? keke..
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