Sunday, July 24, 2005


One of the more interesting conversations I had during my break back in SG.....

Was in KTV, with an ex-attachment colleague of mine. She hasn’t been to K before, so being the ever friendly [if you believe me] local pest, took her there.

Previously, she mentioned that she doesn’t know much songs, so she’s not sure if she can sing those songs available.

Hence, I chose this particular song and I said, “Wah! This song you confirm know one. Kill me if you don’t.”

The MV played; and we see 1 mouse scurrying around.

The lyrics came up…

She: “Oh! I know. Is that “大象爱蚂蚁” mah.”

Me: “What lah! What 大象爱蚂蚁. Crap sia. Bo ho chio lo”

She: “Ya what. That’s what my sister told me. She say this song very popular.”

Me: “See what happens when you don’t dig your ears, ear-shit builds up. HA!”

*for those lost souls, we were talking about “老鼠爱大米”. This song is so blardy over-played when I was back home. Blardy irritating and I thought it should have passed over when I got back. Crap.

She better not be from China, because that song is also overplayed there too!
thank goodness i dun listen to chinese music...although i know there a english version somewhere, i've not had the misfortuen to hear it.

-points at kachuaz' friend-
*laughing hysterically*


Oh well, the last time I tuned into radio was at melbourne.
And guess what song was being played 5-7times a day!

BSB'S Incomplete.

Ytd, SOMEBODY still asked me whether I want the mp3 or not.


.... *scratch head*
elephant love ant?
mouse love giant grain of rice??

who sings these kinds of songs?? you mean it's played on radio?
jayaxe: haha. no lah. pure singaporean.

akk: u r kidding me. -_-"

pat: haha. aiya. not bad mah the songs.

spyda: aiyo. u have been in mel for too long liao. a very popular song this year is the "mouse love big grain". keke
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