Tuesday, July 26, 2005

F* you abo

FUCK! i really have to swear.

i almost freaking got robbed just 15mins ago. on the way home from school, walking the main road path back home.

this abo boy was riding on a bicyle towards me, i am always kind of wary of people on the way back home usually.

sure enough, that freaking black arse tried to snatch my duffel bag. usually i would sling it over my body, but today i just hung it off the shoulder. lucky thing i was holding onto the bag.

he snatch and i held on. after that i stared hard at him after he rode pass, he stared back.

i have to say, i was pretty stoned, 'cuz tired mah. After that I realized.... why i didnt swear at him or kick the freaking bike onto the main road and let passing by cars run him over. Chee Bye!

call me cruel, i KNN wish that arse died on the spot. Spit on his black face and let him rot to die. CB, KNN, LJ, Black shit.

Best thing was that just a few tens of metres ahead, there was the policemen and patrol car; just up front there was a car-car collision.

seriously think it's time something is done.

Wah Kao.. I remember telling u it might b dangerous. So suay! Luckily you weren't hurt. (I seriously couldn't care less if he was).

Think when these things happen, you hardly knw how to react on the spot. Its only when it passed that u feel that u shd hav done something else.
I so understand the frustration of not having done what should be done to the idiot. This kind of scum should just be killed by lightning.

But you were back home at a very late timing right?
eh seh....................

faster move! faster move!!

then can stay out late with me during weekends.

kekeke!! :D
kaozzz..... be careful manz.

take care....miss you...din get to meet up with you!!!!

meow: ya loh. i seriously didnt thought abt the weapon part. freaky.

jayaxe: eh. was on the way home at 8pm. late bah. for winter.

pat: move liao lah! haha. tml!

serene: thanks for the concern. will meet up with u year end. promise!
you damn unlucky! but at least din get robbed so that's a good thing!
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