Tuesday, July 12, 2005


got this off powerpuff's

by the way, iced coffee causes buildup of fats or lipids if you rather to call it.

yeap. and that goes for the frappucinos and iced mocha. keke.

In reality, i prefer hot kopi ah..not the cold ones.

You Are an Iced Coffee

At your best, you are: hyper, modern, and athletic
At your worst, you are: cheap and angsty
You drink coffee when: you're out with friends
Your caffeine addiction level: medium

I'd drink hot beverages if the weather is cool. If not, it's iced everything all the way!
hehehe...so how? not accurate ah? then dun play liao...

im frappacino.
or whatever you call that.

im not a coffee person.


no lah. i drink tea. :D~~
Kopi kopi... one thing i realize.. Drinking cold coffee doesn't cause a negative reaction. A strong dose of hot coffee can sometimes leave u with a terrible headache.
jayaxe: i guess i'm an old folk at heart. lol

AKK: eh..modern i doubt it, hyper when i'm lacking sleep and in a good mood. cheap?!? siao bo

but i do drink kopi with friends and its a medium addiction. i like my cuppa tea anytime. =)

pat: yes yes i know ~

meow: anything gives headache when drinking out of proportion. keke.
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