Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Long Lost Friend

was walking down pass plaza singapura last weekend when i saw this long lost friend of mine...

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another kachuaz! for baygon! keke

by the way, is papa roti or rotiboy better ah? so far only tried rotiboy.

Eh, do you wear cockroach-themed clothes? Hehe.
Its damn disgusting lor. Hav i told u i HATE roaches? They disgusting with their feelers and those hairy sticky legs.. PUI!!! Worse of all. THEY FLY! Imagine one coming right at ur face.

One roach that size really upsets my stomach.
cockroaches are the most scariest insect in the word....after spiders...urgh...especially those that fly....
yeah see the broken legs? I broke it :P
jayaxe: wats roach themed clothes? black have. brown dun have. keke..

meow: did i tell u, i kena bitten by a roach before? in my kitchen 1 late night. damn crazy sia. and it hurts!

AKK: why every1 is afraid of flying roaches ah..weird...

powerpuff: haha. poor fella cripple liao lah. no thanks to you :P
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