Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Me-Me Mo-Mo came my way

thanks to the one known as patty cake..keke..

i have a me-me mo-mo !

Total number of shoes you own: include sandals 1 meh? nevermind lah..just count it.

1 pair of source sandals
2 pairs of nike [air zoom & vandal hi]
1 pair of dada [bball's]
1 pair of reebok [dmx x-trainer]
1 pair of converse [hi-cut]
1 pair of timberland [yellow boots]

that's only 7 pairs in total =P

The last pair of shoes you bought:

nike vandal hi, got it from the nike factory outlet in perth back a few months ago. this edition was made of cowhide. only AUD50. hee hee

passing the mo-mo to meow & gene

*guys, just cut and paste the questions above in your own blog and answer them, it's that simple!

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