Saturday, July 30, 2005

Moving on...

will be moving out tomorrow morning. to a location nearer to school with a classmate.

guess i will not be online for a week ah. depends on the efficiency of the telstra people. hopefully within the following week, i'm up and running.

till then, ciao~

pun1 ou1 lo (canto)

pua chu lo (hokkien)

wah.. no lah.

it's poon (*pronounced as: boon)
ja-uo(*ja oww )...


Ayeer, no wonder someone not online lah!

Roomwarming hor, must invite me okok!
hope ur moving is smooth!
you gonna be staying on your own from now on?
pat: haha. hope to be back "ard" on friday.

AKK: thanks alot! so far quite alright. hope they get the internet running soon!

spyda: yup, staying outside :P. enough of crap liao.keke
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