Thursday, July 14, 2005

Of audio blues

On Tuesday, I was at SLS with a long time friend of mine, she wanted to get Zen Micro ‘cause she decided it’s time to upgrade to a mp3 player after spoiling 2 discmans. Keke..

"Zen Micro? iPod Mini? iRiver? korean players?"

Dilemma Dilemma....

She was tempted to get the Zen Micro for $330 along with the AC adaptor and the usual package but I told her to think first ah. Often enough people buy on impulse and then only to regret later, but one will have to comment on the fact that we still do get pleasure out of buying on impulse, just that momentarily happiness then reality strikes “Shit! Why I buy ah? Blardy hell, waste money!”

True enough, yesterday she decided that Zen Micro isn’t that player for her and thank god that she didn’t get it then.

I must say that I was tempted to get a new player myself yesterday after my NX player almost gave me a heart attack by not functioning sometime back in early May. I did a stupid thing of re-formatting the player and almost totally lost it. But luckily, I managed to find the driver from the website and reloaded the program into the player.

Don’t know what will I do if it should stop working again. CHOI ! Touch Wood !

Latest update: my friend is going for the 1 GB Creative Muvo TX with FM function. After all the hassle, haha…save money and it serves the function.

Ok liao lah, mai hiam!

why zen micro not good? i want one in red leh.
It's always hard to decide which brand of gadgets (no matter whether it's MP3 players). To prevent hesitation, pick a brand, check on all its functions, see if the price is right, get it and don't compare prices anymore!
Wah seh.... hahhaha rich people. tsktsk.

I want an IPOD!!!
[ because everyone's getting one. hurhurhurhur. ]

Oh well, I'm not very high-tech unlike miss kachuaz and friend. HurHurHur..
Ayeer. If I ever want to go electronic gagdets shopping... would you come along? :P
I have this MP3 player whose brand is called...'MP3 player'...

only got 6 month warranty...heheh
angry girl: creative products warranty they have but the QC is quite bad

jayaxe: haha precisely, if not lagi more xin tong.keke

pat: yup sure think, i quite nagging 1 i tell you, dun mind me. keke

AKK:! seriously never hear before

i won't scared of your naggings one lah.. [ though u're fiercer than my mom ]

my muther i also not scared...
i scared of you?!?!?!

Haha. I where got hi-tech? Ya la dilemma settled le. U look too much u take the joy out of buying something. Why so tao-tia? Get n go liao la.

Thanks KC for comin along all these why and hearing my complaining n deliberations :)
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