Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sunny Singapore Finally

haha..finally back in SG and enjoying myself definately. that explains the semi-abandon blog over here.

been busy meeting up with friends,having fun and eating good food. watched initial D just now with me cuz, sort of weird relationship within the characters. but otherwise enjoyable.

have to say...edison chen so damn shuai ah. can drool! hee hee hee...moreover he played ryosuke takahashi...lagi better! he's my favourite character in the anime.

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more later.....

been hearing a lot about this edison guy.
sigh...really so good ah...i think i'll have to watch liao...:)
milktea: wat about him?

AKK: eh..the action is good, but the plot is kinda distorted from the original anime ah. so watch if you are going for the action. converted my cuz to a fan too. keke
that edison is cute. mwahahahha..
Kaoz... never wait for me... i also wanna watch leh...
I like Fujiwara Bunta... But why get a low-life actor like Anthony Wong to act as him!!!

Bunta may be old, but he's well-built... Anthony is... scrawny...
gene: piangz...i feel that the resemblance is uncanny...lol.

anthony wong is award-winning actor leh...golden horse award..not some kuchin-kurup award somemore.

pai sei, didnt know you haven watch
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