Friday, August 19, 2005

Ultimately ...

i'm a loner at heart.

i never did like crowds, thats 1 of the reasons why i was looking forward to australia. back in sg, i wouldnt think twice to make a big circle and taking more time in the process to get to my destination if it means i could avoid the interchange [my home estate's interchange is like mini orchard road, i tell you].

i would rather walk than take the service bus [saving money and at the same time avoiding the bus crowds]

i'm not the sort to go party or "chiong" at clubs, only to return stinking as if you hadn't bathe in 10 days or smelling like stale cigarettes.

the college graduation night is approaching in another 2 months, everyone in school is hyped up. "what you wearing for prom ah?" or "which table you sitting at?" or "die lah, haven't get gown. no time! no time!"

i seriously dont get the hype and excitment over that event. whats the big deal? Most of them tell me stuff like "you pay $70 for the prom already, you know?" and "you can't graduate if you don't go, you know?"

what rubbish indeed, i haven't been to my primary, secondary and poly graduation nights and i've still graduated. Also, by "trying" to save that $70 for the prom, one has to spend a hundred AUD or so in preparation for the event. Now, you tell me if you have ended up saving or spending more $$$ ? I feel that it's penny wise, pound foolish.

Bottom line is: I feel necessary to give attention to friends if i'm going out with them, 'cause otherwise i find it pretty rude to ignore them. Respect is important. But at the same time, i find it tiring to always entertain. Hence, i think i'm better off alone.

heyz ure no loner lo. you have so many friends. proms are just parties to boost girls' self need to go la, waste marni. hahaha

why you enevr visit my blog one. =PPPPPP

Haha....den i guess i shld b glad tat i gt e chance 2 c e lame, crappy n horny side of u lohz.....especially @ nitez n chalets whereby u can b realli crazi....*winkz*
No, the prom is more special compared to the primary and secondary graduations. I specially attended both convocation ceremony in Australia and Singapore.

But yes, sometimes I feel better off alone. Sometimes.
i was peer pressured to attend the "prom" (if one can even consider it that, since it was a girls' school) in secondary school. but stubbornly refused to go for the one in jc. as such, was branded as an Antisocial.

loyal friendship is never based on something as superficial is a prom night. crowds sometimes have this effect of drowning the intimacy for meaningful conversation.
bEiNg alOnE hAs itx owN aDvAntAgEs. i'vE tO aDmit tHat.
BUT. "No Man Is An Island". oN tHe otHeR hAnD, u cAn't suRviVe alOnE.
bUt, u aReN't exActly tHe lOnEr typE.
(i tHiNk iM iSolAtE mysElf mOrE tHaN u! hehe)
fOr exAmplE, oN fRiDay, u dOn't evEn wAnt tO quEuE fOr fOoD alOnE! =)
hAhA. bAd exAmplE? mAybE.
aNywAy, fOllOw uR hEaRt. =) iF u rEally dOn't fEeL likE gOiNg tO tHe diNnEr & bAll, tHeN sO bE it. jUz rEmEmbEr tO atteNd tHe cErEmOny.
(wAt u sAid mAkE sEnSe. mAny pEoplE sAiD siNcE tHey hAvE alReAdy pAiD fOr tHe bAll, tHeY hAvE tO gO. bUt wAt tHeY diDn't rEaliSed iS dAt tHe pRepArAtiOn wld cAuSe tHeM mOrE mOnEy. bUt tHeN aGaiN, i rEckoN yr 12's bAll expEriEncE cAn't bE mEaSuReD witH mOnEy? =X)
hEhE, i rEaliSeD i typEd quitE alOt hErE. hOpE u dOn't miNd.
tAkE cArE.

haiyah, prom is a last-ditch attempt before graduation for many ppl to 'gao bai' to their crushes! it's a conspiracy!

wat if got a gal wan to 'gao bai' to u and u not there leh? heheeh.....
serene: haha..u dunno me ah..i super loner. keke

YH: now you know. haha. must appreciate ah!

jayaxe: no doubt the event is special ah..but for me, its not that special.keke. this prom is going to be at the Hyatt Regency. sure very power pack.

spyda: haha. thats why i never liked crowds. spoils good conversations.

AKK: wah piang eh...must say how many times...i not guy ah...sadded sia...short hair not = to guy leh...keke
opps forgot DJ's comment: haha. of cuz dun mind lah..type as much as you want~~ eh..yup, it's my decision. =)
i din mean tt. i mean you NEED NOT become a loner coz u have so many friends. hahaha

U don't do much for prom la. Go there and look pretty only and the guys just wanna feel they look sauve for that few hrs. Haha. Basically u're a flower pot there lor. Go there to see and be seen. That's the entire idea. A bit brainless la.. but oh well.

don't know how the tradition for prom started... Gave the students a chance to dress up, an alternative to the usual jeans and t-shirt etc combi. :-)

You don't have to dress up or anything. Just go lor since you paid liao, with soemthing presentable of course. :-)

Actually.. wanted to type more but i kip losing my train of thots... Same thing happens in school also. Sigh.
serene: eh?? i naturally a loner.haha. serious!

meow: tie event leh. have to wear evening gown. haha another reason not to go for it. over in this country, formal is formal. unlike sg. keke
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