Monday, October 17, 2005


i farked up. i nabeicheebye. and i wouldnt do it again.

what the hell is wrong. shit.

Let it go... Over is over le. (I'm using the same thing my ma tells me everytime i screw up -- then again she'll start to poke poke at me again in a few hrs aft that for the screw up... -_-")

Just make up for it elsewhere. We shd hav excelled at this le. Plugging holes in our sampan each sem while trying to scope out the water coming in. 还没有碰过完美的一次。
i don't know what can make you feel better but. yea. just let us know if you want to be left alone okay.

whatever that makes you concentrate better (:
Heyz gal......dunno wat happen butz juz jope tat u r ok liao loh.....waitin 4 u 2do cum back loh....den wi shall hav cheer up k
Cheer up girl ! :) everything is over, ( as in, yay ! the year is ending, and the holiday is coming ! ) Yay ! :)
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