Friday, October 07, 2005

I realized ...

One day it just wasn’t in my pocket anymore.

It is a sign.

It is about time.

What's not in your pocket anymore?
something that was ard for quite sometime. haha.
You must be talking about money.

Money is now not in your pocket.

Money got sign - a dollar sign.

Time is money.

what what what what what????

ur lucky charm?

your secret boyfriend's photo? ur crush??

cannot be money.

must be some symbolic thingy.

tell me tell me!!! tell US!!!

i give up

Very cryptic... something is not there.. Can be anything sia. u making people guess. horrible.
wah lau....this entry got part II? hehehe...:)
It is about time to tell us what is the sign that wasn't in your pocket anymore. kekeke...
wah sei, so short a post also got ppl go enthu to know what it was.

lets say it's a pic lah.

it's not money, not a lucky charm.

there is no part II

yeah i'm right!!!

ur crush's photo!!!!


miss you la.

con: sure got many ppl comment one..

kachua: the last time i post something like this only 2 comments.

today i decided to drop by... and.

i shall not say anything. but i just did.

skybellz : haha..unfortunately...

conz: yeah yeah got comment haha...the last similiar one was zero comments loh..not even 2..hahahaa
u decided to move on? which creepy crawly u seeing next? hehehe
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