Monday, October 24, 2005

Lelong, Lelong

lai ah lai ah..

help your ever favourite roach gain more soldiers in the Kachuaz's Camp.

by clicking here, and following the instructions (you don't have to join the game)

your co-operation is most appreciated~~


so wierd...did I joined at all? hehehe u didnt if u didnt want to

Recruitment drive isit? :)
Must be one of those you recommend a player and you get a footsoldier free kinda trade-off.

We don't need to join, just click on the link and help confirm you are introduced by the cockroach. The cockroach gets another little cockroach to fight for her. BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPY!!

Yucks... the world is swap by roaches.
aiyo...izzit da one u asked me to joined? LOL...i oso dun remember la
actually i join liao...i think....wat issit ah? online game ah? recruit as soldiers? hehehe....
LL: ya loh recruitment drive. haha

meow: thanks ah -_-"

AKK: join liao ah~~ set ah. we kill them all~!! haha...join as my officer? :P . Lancerlord also? :P
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