Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the long over-due post

finally settled down to type this entry...haha...
just a quick summary of what happened within the past 3.5 weeks

1. had my 21st birthday & Manchester United beat Chelsea that very night 1-0. Glory Glory Man United!
2. finished my foundations exams, now awaiting results.
3. packed my luggage in 1.5 hrs straight after my last paper and lugged some over to a friend's place
4. arrived back in rainy Singapore (YESH!)
5. had a friend stayed over with me for the past week
6. gotten a fever after dunno-how-long ago plus sinus infection

alright, those are the more significant events bah. there are some over due pics that i'm suppose to put up too. will do so later tonight. perhaps.

hahah...ur back! good lah, just when the weather is cooling down.:) welcome!!!
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