Monday, December 12, 2005

down again

with a voicebox infection,

possibily due to a drug allergy
for the past few days i've been croaking like a "gwa gwa" frog

good time to go ktv and sing ah-du's songs

*just realized that my less-than-1-yr-old earplugs has melted wire covers. damn. so expensive somemore. have to get another pair soon. crap. i'll get audio techinca ones next time. or any recommendations? i want earplugs not those earphones.

conz, if you read this, i will get you another brand if you're still intending to get your mp3 player and plugs from SG. just let me know.

Shure...if you have the money...
dap: har? wat u mean
Her recommendation 1 damn ex 1 loh....100 over bucks loh...keke...butz it's said 2 hav damn power sound system...
Haha...Shure is a brand of earphones lahz. cheapest $
siao bo...sennheiser already i dun think about much less than wat "Shure"

i want to buy below $50 liao. i saw 1 by audio technica, earplugs not bad.
how did u get 'melted' wire covers?? music too loud?
i used audio techniqua before, it's not bad, quite cheap also. but it was kinda big for me la, haha coz my ears too small
akk: i seriously have no idea man...

serene: haha. i not getting those clip ons. just the earplugs. in ear ones.

Get their lower range, cheap and quite reasonable quality...
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