Monday, December 26, 2005

Last Night

was Christmas..yup...

First time spent Christmas in Sentosa, with a bunch of "animals" ...hahaa... Mua wanted to get burnt!!! Only managed slighty.

Fast Forward now....

Orchard Road was freakin' packed last night, even the "jia curry" people also come and "kway sio" then those inconsiderate creeps stop in the middle of the road to take photos...WAH PIANG EH...not as if Singapore's lightings super duper nice... damn duh...

the Mata was like " keep moving, here cannot stop, thank yo-uuuu, keep moving"

Mee-ry Christ-mas i guess

hehehee...if I wasn't hokkien and singaporean...i couldn't have gone thru ur lingo in that short para. but I loved the entry! I also jiak curry leh, how? hehehe....

jiak curry is those "neighbours from the east" countrymen leh.

you cannot qualify ah~

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