Thursday, December 01, 2005

love mua? please don't kill mua

something that i hope singapore doesn't sell.
unlike Singapore, i know 'em aussies dun like me.
sob. sob. sob. muhahaha !!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

practical aromatherapy for only AUD10.95. not bad ah, quite expensive to kill mua. don't forget the burner.

wat can i say? LOL!

but hey! we have cheaper alternatives too.. like BAYGON! =p hehe
Or the trusty slipper...
Baygon is the Missy brand. Sometimes don't work one. slippers are a guy solution. Try Ridsect, stronger.. someone told me its well loved by aunties cos it works. haha
I use rolled-up newspaper and baseball bat...

aiyo....burner just for roaches? ...stylo...
DJ: oi roaches also want to die high class death, cannot meh..muhaha!

gene: siam, siam, SIAM!

meow: zun ah, i go tell ah ma now. :P

pat: u got baseball bat, i dun believe, haha.

AKK: ya loh, super stylo. ai zai!
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