Friday, December 30, 2005

Of BBQs & Chalets

I am not those super enthu BBQs, ‘cuz more often than not, I’m the one who is doing the cooking. Don’t get me wrong, not that I mind getting hot and sticky standing next to the pit. On the other hand, I enjoy cooking for others and I care to fill the bottomless pits of my friends.

For me, even BBQ-ing is a type of responsibility, to fill to satisfy and make sure everyone is satisfied. Haha, don’t mind my principles.

Just came back from a chalet yesterday afternoon, and I have to say for this particular chalet, I didn’t do much of BBQ-ing, I slept on the bed and I played majong. Now, that’s a 1st for the former 2 categories. Guess it goes to show how many chalets I have been to in recent years.

I seriously don’t ever remember sleeping on beds in chalets, I’m always “ton-ing” or on midnight prowls. Then by the time I return home, I will be super zombified. LOL. Plop on the bed and as good as gone till the next day, now this is regardless of the time I reach home the day before. Scary right? This is 1 pig of a roach.

Another chalet is coming up in another 3 days, let's see how it goes. Keke.

wow. chalet + bbq! i haven't been to one in singapore in more than 3 yrs! haha!

anyways, happy bright shiny new year!
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