Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One Mountain , Two Rats

This post is dedicated to the love-hate relationship between my-separated-by-13-year-generation-gap-cousin and mua. We are quite a pair really at home, always getting each other into trouble (ya, I Jia Buey Tua alright)

Not 一山不可以藏二虎, but rather 一山不可以藏二鼠

On a particular shitified day, where he decides to get me into trouble....

Nathan: "Ah Ma! Jie Jie beat me!!!"

Ah Ma: " Ah T***, mai ka jio e lah, ang jua li ta bai ka jio e eh"

Me: "Na li you? Ni you kan dao meh??"

*Then again i used to disturb him quite often lah, hence he always gets the benefit of the doubt, always him not me. DUH*

On a fine day in '02 (he was 5 & I was 18),

Me: "Nathan, why you soooo cute?" (pinching his cheeks at the same time)

Nathan: "Because I born like that, precisely, absolutely"

Me: (stunned)

Wah Lau Eh! Song Bo ~ so power 5yr old, use precisely absolutely, correctly somemore!
No wonder he so smart....(shake head)

Since that time, I always ask him that why-you-so-cute question, he always give the same reply. Think he gets the kick out of giving that reply.

HAHA. Smart Aleck.

*13 yr age differences but he is also a Rat, because he was borne before Chinese New Year, saving him from being a Moooo*

so cute pics!
wow 5 year old able to speak so well ah....COOLNESS

i met a primary sch kid who knew how to play daidee and say, "my maths sucks". Since when did we ever say things like tt in primary sch for goodness sake!

your cousin is a genius.
akk: haha..maybe...soon :p

serene: ya i think so also. so smart. buey tahan.
Heh... Kids these days grow up quickly...

What were we doing at 5? Playgrounds?
Yup smart looking kid too. Still remembered d time when I was at ur place watching the webcast lecture when u were slping behind. The chap ran up the stairs trying to find u and stood there a little stunned (only for a short while)when he saw me instead. Maybe didn't expect me to be there. Haha!
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