Thursday, January 12, 2006

And It Pours Felines and Canines

The past 1 week or so has been seriously wet. As in the weather, of course.

It's January isn't it? Not December. Raining for long stretches of time, got caught in 1 particular late night or I should say early morning shower, hence reaching home only in the wee morning.

The coldness is bearable definately, not sure whats the temperature like these days. Can't be bothered to check

Could I have this weather forever? Haha.

I am still waiting........

of COURSE it's bearable. i started to feel like a sweating pig when i returned to singapore from down under for just TWO bloody months.

nice weather. but must keep those jeans liao
bearable? NoooOooo....
The mid-day sun today was horrendous. I was hoping for rain again. The early morning weather was marvellous today.

But the unexpected wet spell had certainly brought a lot of headache for many.
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