Tuesday, February 21, 2006

At the Clinic

here's what I have been busy with the past 2 or so weeks.

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3 long-time stayers at the clinic, i gathered that they have been there for the past 9 years.
wah sei, owner rich lah...

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now this Ginger over here, meows the loudest everyday i'm there

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not to be mistaken for Ginger, this patient was minding his own cat business and having a cat nap & I just had to take the pic. So picture purrrfect!

with the cats gone...here comes the doggies!

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meet Lucky, a JRT, 2yrs of age

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and the black / white Shih Tsu, FiFi (lolzz), 8 mths

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this cocker spaniel damn friendly lah, 8 yrs of age

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now this is a tricky one right? is it a pug? bulldog?
nah..it's a pek ...pekk.. pekingese!
a shaven one, 'cuz the fur was full of ticks and had to be given a tick bath to de-tick it

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and last but not least, my trophy! freshly taken pic! i went home and measured it, about 3cm long. kena scratched by a cat, who refuses to have it's temperature taken.
no scared of cat liao lah! i got this! come scratch lah! lim peh no scare you ah! HaHA!

Dear Sir/Madam

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jon loh
hey...the cats are sooo pretteee.

and the dogs are sooo CUTE!

esp the pekingese...hahaa

glad you had ur dream come true! you can finally become a vet soon!
u should neuter the owners for leaving their cats there for 9 fricking years!
ser: at this point in time, nothing has been confirmed. damn panicky liao.

wuching: the owner just put them up in the pet hostel cuz she cant keep them in her flat. she has too many of them. she is sort of the "cat lady" in her estate.

she is actually helping the cats. =)

using alot of money to help them that is.
Ouch! That looks painful. We got our cat when he was 4 months old from the RSPCA and he was WILD. He's rung around that the tazmanian devil and my hands were completely scratched - he's a lot better now though. In fact all he does is sleep all day, I almost preferred the old version.
now i know what you mean when you asked me to check ur blog for "cute" pictures! hahaha.



hahaha, yes i reached melb safe and sound. you let me know how ur doing as well, ok?

take careeee!!
conz: haha. see... told you! will be emailing you soon. check the inbox =P
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