Saturday, February 18, 2006

"die already anot?"

see. i was right about the sick part in the previous post. official down with viral flu (think the previous virus still lurking in me body, doc didn't want to give AB the previous time) and sore throat. current status of me voice is 50%. think by tomorrow is 20%.

haha. yeaa, i'm losing my voice for the 2nd time in 2 months. duh.

just something random now....

was accompanying a friend for dinner just now, when we sort of witnessed a BF who accidently poured soup over the GF. he was apparently trying to lift the soup bowl off the tray, then must have accidently slipped the fingers and wala~ the soup landed on the the feet of the GF. GF started screaming or whining whichever, she was making such a din that everyone in the near vacinity was staring at her (including me, bo pia, singaporeans are born K-P-O ok~). BF was embarrased and according to my friend, he was apologizing to the GF. both left for the toilet. we waited for part 2, but apparently they left the place unnoticed, 'cause my friend went to the toilet to check for the GF, GF was not there.

wasted sequel...wanted to watch free show.

the whole episode lasted about 2 to 3 mins, most of the time the GF was KPKB-ing. was telling my friend "eh. she die already anot? die already anot? KNN, so KP", 'cuz i was sitting with my back to them. i seriously don't know how the BF can tahan this type of girl. so freaking irritating, make me want to slap her silly. throw face like nobody's business.

by the way, i suspect it was watercress soup that spilled on the ground. could see veggie which resembles it on the floor. hee hee hee.

was that a plot to leave the restaurant (ot whatever place) without paying???

that's cool

ting, next time we can try. i'll just wear a waterproof pants/skirt. haha
haha no lah. they paid liao, and were at the tables.
u even had a fren go in to check? pei fu!
akk: no leh, my friend offered to help look see. haha
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