Tuesday, February 14, 2006

how to stay sane?

just a few mins ago, i would have been locked out of the house if i was any min later than midnight to get my arse home.

SK was behind the door when i opened it. gave me a fright and said something along the line of "if i was just 1 min later than 12 to get home, i can forget about getting home tonight". afterwhich, she went back into her room and slam door shut.

how to stay sane? ever so often getting mental abuse?

you tell me.

i think i'm on the verge of falling sick, can feel it coming liao. maybe that's a good thing, get sick, take medication, sleep and hopefully they can leave me in peace. a few days of peace is definately better than none.

weird thing is that the headache that has been bugging me the entire day was almost gone after the incident.


That would be partly my fault for not kicking you out of my hse earlier so you could get back before midnight.

Why such the refusal to cut some slack. Slightly after midnight is fine mah.
nah, not your fault. if anything, is my own as always.

cuz SK thinks that i dun take wat she says seriously.
hmm. who's this SK? are you back in perth yet? :D
spyda: my aunt. lol. not going back to perth. long story will update abt it soon.
..... :(

sorry to hear it.

but. take your time, k?
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