Saturday, March 04, 2006


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basket..kena 酸 back.....

Heyz i nv sae 'niang' leh...i sae 'GAY' shang huai nan ren zong bi ai shang gay hao bah...haha...dun whack mi hor...
gosh i think my chinese vocab is too poor to fit words into the hanyu pinyin!

anyways, good luck for sydney! they've got really good vet science courses there!

you no longer working at the vet clinic?
spyda: haha..u need translation? i type the chinese words out ah..

犯贱, KA PUUIII !!!

(the retort)
犯贱, KA PUUIII !!!

spyda: forgot abt the later half, ya i stop attachment liao. no pay just work for experience.

thanks for the well-wishes :)
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