Friday, March 03, 2006

can't stand it

damn i need to get a job pronto...

can't stand it when my family members peep into my room to see what i'm doing.

blardy hell invasion of privacy. feel like a freaking aquarium.

i want an extrovert job can bo?

What type of job are you looking for? Maybe I can help you look out for it?
maybe you can put the tag:


and perhaps that will stop them from being soo kaypoh.

jayaxe: really ah? pai sei ah~~ sort of animal or adventure related type of jobs bah.

hard hor??

ser: haha. too direct liao. wait kena from them. "wat you trying to say??""
that time den die.....
Hey fishy fishy fishy. Hope you find job soon. ^_^
i think hor..Dick is looking for someone to join his team.. u want to work for Dick? hahhahaha
Meow: haha. update u soon, eh go my place the 24hrs roti prata to la kopi leh~ u never come b4. nice leh!

FF: suan me ah!! ahaha.. no way...not for Dicko...mua dun like. LOL
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